The Best Mild Cigars

Most cigar puffing maniacs who know what they want always look for their particular favorite brand and quickly be in and out of the store. If you're a beginner you probably do what most others will do and that's to point and say to the cigar shopkeeper: "I think I'll take one of those." Those choices are usually the ones that shouldn't see the light of day. So what is available on the cigar smoking market today? Well, there are top brands, full-bodied, medium-balanced, samplers and mild-bodied cigars.

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Beginner or long-term cigar smokers will most times find an assortment of sizes, strengths, prices, shapes and even smells. In any event sooner or later you're bound to find at least one or two you enjoy more than others. That said, anyone who is new to cigar smoking, choosing a mild cigar should probably be the best choice to start with. Most "newbees" will find a large, expensive full-flavored cigar way too strong. But you won't be in that cigar boat alone. Many veteran cigar smokers preferĀ best mild cigars, as well.

Mild Cigars Are Versatile.

A mild cigar can be smoked anytime and goes well with foods and drinks. Even though it's mild you can purchase a mild cigar with plenty of flavor or a full-bodied cigar with little flavor. It all depends on which strength you enjoy most, in terms of blend, and what you're looking for in a good cigar. But times have changed and cigar smoking wannabes should start with the best mild cigar that's rich and smooth so you can enjoy it all the way down to the last inches.