Flavored Cigars Are Enticing New People To Become Interested In Tobacco Products

There is a wide variety of cigars available, from small, mild cigars to strong, large stogies; there is something for the novice and the aficionado. The cigar wrapper plays a significant role in how the end product will taste and appeal to the other senses. It has often been said that Cuban cigars are the best and many people believe that because the natural wrapping used other their cigars is, by far, the smoothest. The type of leaves, or paper, utilized affects the flavor, longevity of the burn, and feel between the fingers; it makes a significant different in terms of quality.

Flavored Cigars

The type of tobacco used, and where it was grown, largely affect the taste of each cigar. Because of the natural flavors from the soil and surrounding environment this flavor varies by location grown. Cigar enthusiasts have expanded the flavor profile beyond the typical tobacco-only taste. Now there are countless flavor varieties to choose from including chocolate, wine, fruits, alcohol infused, nutty, and so on. The emergence of hip new products with trendy names has helped cigars to grow in popularity with the younger generation and introduce others that were previously uninterested in cigars. In the past most people assumed that cigars were only for older, rich men, a stereotype of course. There are all sorts of people that enjoy exploring the world of cigars and finding new favorites. Flavored cigars are slowly beginning to change the image of cigar smokers and create a more broad interest around the world. 

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