You want the best mild cigar for flavor, price and most of all for its smooth enjoyable flavor. If however, you have never tried cigars you may want to start with a sampler box or package. By trying a sampler pack of the best mild cigars you get a variety of the best cigars to try.

How to find the best mild cigars

Once you do find a mild cigar you really like next you will need to find a convenient way to buy the cigars. Simply look online for cigar specialty shops or smoke shops online. Then you will search for the brand you like and the flavor you prefer. Furthermore, you can purchase and few or as many as you like to stock up. If you stock up on them you may want to also buy a humidifier. This will keep them fresh if you chose to buy large quantities.

Local smoke and tobacco shops carry mild cigars

Local smoke shops and tobacco shops stock many brands of the best mild cigars in their stores. You may simply visit the local smoke or tobacco shop close to you. Pick out your favorite brand or pick out several different brands at different prices to try. If the shop does not have the brand of mild cigar you like then more than likely they can order them for you. Once the cigars come in they will call you and you can go pick up the cigars. This is just an easy way to find the best mild cigars you like.