Mild Cigars

When it comes to smoking cigars, there are many different types of consider. Some people that have been smoking for a long time may be interested in some of the more bold flavors of cigars on the market. The new smoker, however, is probably going to have more interest in starting with the mild cigar flavors.

Ashton Churchill

Some of the best mild cigars are Ashton Churchill cigars. These are some of the more expensive brands, but these cigars are definitely worth the price. The quality of these cigars is awesome, and new smokers will be enticed by the flavor of these cigars. These cigars are classified as a smooth and mild brand. The brand has a creamy taste.

Baccarat Natural Toro

Another smooth brand - that is about half the price of the more expensive Ashton Churchill cigars - is the Baccarat Natural Toro. This is a brand of mild cigars with all-Honduran-grown tobacco. Many people that like a seamless filtered blend of tobacco will appreciate the smooth fill of these cigars.

AVO Signature Belicoso Cigars

There are certainly some brands that stand out from the rest. The AVO Signature Belicoso Cigars are a fine example of this. These Dominican Republic cigars have been declared some of the best cigars on the market. Lots of people will appreciate this extra care that went into developing this cigars. These signature cigars have a unique aroma and a range of strengths. People can buy the mild version of these cigars when they are starting out. When they advance they can stick with the AVO Signature Belicoso brand and upgrade to medium.